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Early Mobility has been shown to greatly improve patient outcomes. Many organizations, while experiencing the positive outcomes of Early Mobility, will experience increases in patient handling injuries. Our Early Mobility program implementation will pair the principles of SPHM with the Mobility Protocol to improve patient outcomes while protecting caregivers from the risks of patient handling injuries. Below is a list of program support services we offer for Early Mobility.


Service Types:

Facility Assessment Readiness for Early Mobility

Description of Services

Organizations looking for an unbiased, evidence-based assessment of their equipment needs will benefit from this service. We will perform a comprehensive facility assessment and address the following components in the final report and recommendations. These recommendations may be vendor neutral or vendor specific, as desired by the organization. A full executive report will be delivered via hard copy and power point presentation to the Mobility Team.

Components of assessment:

      • Equipment needs (patient population and mobility protocol specific)
      • Equipment storage and accessibility
      • Sling management
      • Mobility assessment standards and needs assessment
      • SPHM Integration opportunities

Early Mobility Program Development Workshop

Description of Services

Evidence-based best practices program development. This is a 5 to 8-hour workshop depending on the needs and status of the program and may include the following components, as appropriate for the organization:

      • Mobility Protocol selection/design (based on published protocols and unit-based appropriateness)
      • Key stakeholder roles and responsibilities
      • SPHM integration planning (equipment allocation, education and tools needed to support protocol)
      • Mobility Champion program development
      • Budgetary consideration and equipment needs planning
      • Education and new employee orientation for Mobility Program
      • Employee training planning session
      • Project plan and goals set at meeting, executive report prepared.

Nursing Mobility Assessment Training

Description of Services

Nursing Mobility Assessments are often a legislative requirement for SPHM and a key component for SPHM compliance and promoting best practices. Nurses are not traditionally trained in functional mobility assessment. We will present evidence-based mobility assessment options and design education to match the assessment. The assessment creates a common language between nursing and therapy and promotes the appropriate use of SPHM equipment while maximizing a patient’s participation in the activity.

Most mobility assessments are designed to be used by licensed nurses who are tasked with making clinical judgements about the patient. Our experienced Director of Clinical Services will help guide your organization for a seamless implementation. The Mobility Assessment Champion course is designed to train-the-trainer; to teach the intention of each step of the assessment and encourage appropriate clinical judgements for accommodating the various patient populations. Finally, the champion will learn to properly instruct the assessment and sign off peer competencies. The development of Mobility Assessment champions helps an organization become independent in their use and implementation of the tool after initial training.

Nursing Mobility Assessment Toolkit

Description of Services

Toolkit includes:

      • Implementation workbook
      • Compliance and sample audit tools
      • Photo library for creating custom presentations and tools
      • Mobility Assessment equipment options, room signs, badge cards, etc- customized to facility-based equipment type
      • Mobility Assessment picture guide- adult
      • Mobility Assessment (Adult) learning video (equipment-specific and customized with the organization’s logo, as desired)
      • Surgical patient/CV Unit picture guide
      • Unit Specific tips and tricks for Mobility Assessment
      • Frequently asked questions (FAQ’s)
      • Tool kit will be sent with one hard copy and one electronic copy of each item. A letter of permission to use and copy tools within the organization will be provided.

Customized Education Tools, Modules and Videos

Description of Services

      • Early Mobility education modules
        • Background on benefits of Early Mobilikty and risks of immobility
        • Protocols, expectations and equipment for unit and patient population-based mobility tasks
      • Patient education customized videos discussing mobility, safety and SPHM at your facility.
      • Tools and guides for pairing facility-specific equipment with mobility protocols.

Ongoing Clinical Support

Description of Services

Remote and onsite clinical expert support for corporate leaders, SPHM team, Mobility Team and SPHM coordinator may be customized to the organizations unique needs. This may include continuing education, webinar remote participation for monthly meetings, difficult situation support and consultation, equipment and solutions recommendations. Education and awareness tools and program design and continued development.

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Through this philosophy we:

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About Us:

Our training philosophy is intended to support your program goals and help prepare your organization for SUSTAINABLE success, legislative and regulatory compliance and competency

Each of our clinical consultants have real clinical experience in Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) and represent all levels of care. Our Director of Clinical Services co-authored and co-investigated the Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool (BMAT), an evidenced-based mobility assessment for nurses. Our clinical consultants each bring personal experience and passion to the company. SUSTAINABLE seeks to offer program support to every facility through custom consultation and FREE resources. SPHM protects patients and caregivers. Our goal is to eliminate patient handling risk in healthcare.