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Implementing a Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) program is a complicated endeavor and many facilities seek support and consultation. SUSTAINABLE is different from other SPHM Program companies. We want to help you implement a self-supported and SUSTAINABLE program that is NOT dependent on us. We listen to your needs and help design or enhance your program based on your facility’s unique services in alignment with your organizations mission, vision and values.


Service Types:

Compliance Training

Description of Services

Whether you have new products, new program expectations, new employees or simply need some focused support training, we can help. We offer compliance and competency training, per manufacturers recommendations on ANY safe patient handling equipment. We have Certified Safe Patient Handling Professionals, Associates and Clinicians with real bedside clinical SPHM experience to offer evidence based guidance and education. Classes are customized to your organization’s needs.

Training Includes:

      • Hands-on demonstration of basic equipment use
      • Demonstration of all accessories available for each device
      • Review of equipment operations and safety
      • Patient population specific considerations (precautions, etc.)
      • Return demonstration and competency verification
      • Record of all personnel trained

Program Development Workshop

Description of Services

Evidence-based best practices program development. This is a 5-8-hour workshop depending on the needs and status of the program and may include the following components, as appropriate, for the organization:

      • SPHM policy development
      • Facility equipment/accessory needs assessment
      • Key stakeholder roles and responsibilities
      • Sling management session
      • Champion program development
      • Budgetary consideration and equipment needs planning
      • Education and new employee orientation
      • Legislative compliance and employee training

Facility Assessment and Recommendations

Description of Services

Organizations looking for an unbiased, evidence-based assessment of their SPHM needs will benefit from this service. We will perform a comprehensive facility assessment and address the following components in the final report and recommendations. These recommendations may be vendor neutral or vendor specific, as desired by the organization. A full executive report will be delivered via hard copy and power point presentation to the SPHM team.

Components of assessment:

      • Equipment needs
      • Equipment storage and accessibility
      • Sling management
      • Unit specific/patient population specific recommendations
      • Staff culture acceptance and culture of safety survey
      • Mobility assessment standards and needs assessment
      • Legislative compliance/policy assessment

SPHM Coordinator Training

Description of Services

Many organizations learn the value of hiring a full- or part-time SPHM coordinator/manager. Like other safety and quality based programs, (including infection prevention), having an employee focused on the day-to-day operations of the program will help to sustain the success and compliance of the program. Many program managers have clinical PT, OT or Nursing background, others have safety and ergonomics experience. Implementing SPHM programs is complex and often unchartered territory for your organization. With SUSTAINABLE, we have a clinical training program created by a former SPHM Specialist, who successfully implemented a SPHM program in a multi-facility hospital system. This class offers your SPHM coordinator/manager a complete education to help him or her avoid common pitfalls of a program. This class offers practical information as well as toolkit for the students to customize to fit your organization’s mission, vision and values. This class is a 1-2 full day(s) course, depending on the needs of your organization.

Learning Objectives Include:

      • Principles of SPHM- history and overview of SPHM best practices and principles
      • Ergonomic principles for healthcare- Natural Pattern of Movement
      • Managing your program
        • Sling operations (laundry and disposable options and management)
        • Managing inventory and equipment
        • The principles of risk assessment
        • Managing SPHM champions
        • Vendor support and expectations
        • Troubleshooting equipment
      • Gaining administrative support
      • Ceiling lift project management
      • Tasks and solutions
        • High risk tasks, department and patient specific/ discipline specific
        • Special considerations for high risk populations
        • Equipment selection and options for each task (Good, Better, Best, Avoid)
        • Sling and accessory options
        • GAP products and innovation in the industry
      • Shifting the Focus: Patient-Centered Outcomes
        • SPHM and Falls Prevention principles
        • SPHM and Skin Safety
        • SPHM and Early Patient Mobility (ICU and Unit based)
      • Tools for Program Success
        • Return to work program enhancements (post injury follow-up, after action review, reporting)
        • Risk management principles for SPHM
        • Best practices, tips and tricks, with lessons learned

SPHM Coordinator Program Implementation

Description of Services

This consists of monthly on-site shadowing of the SPHM Coordinator.

These visits will be guided on-site, ongoing training and program implementation support to include:

      • Implementation techniques and tools
      • Coaching the coordinator in their role
      • Ongoing training to include rounding, difficult patient consultation, logistics and vendor collaboration
      • Equipment and sling coordination
      • Injury follow-up, RCA tool for post injury investigation
      • Committee meeting planning and building agendas
      • Reporting to leadership and analyzing data
      • Leading huddles and integrating with facility based initiatives
      • Culture change techniques and more

SPHM Champion/Ambassador/Peer Leader Training

Description of Services

Whether you have a facility-based program, lift team, contract with program support staff or are looking for improved program strength, utilizing SPHM champions will yield positive outcomes for both staff and patients. The SPHM champion is a unit-based existing facility employee who becomes highly trained and knowledgeable regarding patient handling equipment, best practices and culture change techniques. This training class is between 3-8 hours based on facility need, customizations and class size.

Classes include:

      • SPHM and Falls Prevention facility-specific policy overview
      • High risk tasks and patient handling principles
      • SPHM equipment overview and competency (per manufacturer recommendations)
      • SPHM best practices, theory and practical application
      • Special considerations of high risk populations
      • Safety
      • SPHM and Falls Prevention connection
      • SPHM sling and laundry process
      • SPHM mobility assessment overview
      • Hands-on problem solving and clinical scenarios
      • Peer-to peer-teaching techniques and return demonstration

Nursing Mobility Assessment Training

Description of Services


Nursing Mobility Assessment Toolkit

Description of Services


Customized Education Modules and Videos

Description of Services

SPHM new employee orientation learning video- in compliance with state SPHM legislation, policy overview, facility-specific procedures and protocols, equipment overview, expectations and awareness.

Patient education customized videos discussing mobility, safety and SPHM at your facility.

Ongoing Clinical Support

Description of Services

Remote and on-site clinical expert support for corporate leaders, SPHM team and SPHM coordinator may be customized to the organizations unique needs. This may include continuing education, webinar remote participation for monthly meetings, difficult situation support and consultation, equipment and solutions recommendations. Education and awareness tools and program design and continued development.

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Through this philosophy we:

In order to:
Take Risk Away In Nursing

About Us:

Our training philosophy is intended to support your program goals and help prepare your organization for SUSTAINABLE success, legislative and regulatory compliance and competency

Each of our clinical consultants have real clinical experience in Safe Patient Handling and Mobility (SPHM) and represent all levels of care. Our Director of Clinical Services co-authored and co-investigated the Bedside Mobility Assessment Tool (BMAT), an evidence-based mobility assessment for nurses. Our clinical consultants each bring personal experience and passion to the company. SUSTAINABLE seeks to offer program support to every facility through custom consultation and FREE resources. SPHM protects patients and caregivers. Our goal is to eliminate patient handling risk in healthcare.